How to keep good employees?

To keep good employees, you need to learn how to build a good relationships with them. To do so, you need to understand that it’s your employees, who keep your business running. Hence, it’s important that you ensure that they are happy and productive if you want to sustain and grow your business.

Your employees are not slaves, they are people who deserve your respect. Praise them when their work is excellent. Provide positive encouragement and comment on their work when it needs improvement. Above all, acknowledge their existence and their hard work, and treat them with respect.

It’s pretty easy to follow them when things are good, but when times get rough, deadlines are missed, and tempers flare, the stressful business of doing business can make it difficult to maintain a proper perspective on your employees. The things you say and do have consequences for others. Do your best to make these consequences positive:

  • Ask, rather than order others to do things.
  • Involve & discuss.
  • Coach, guide and show them how things are done.
  • Be polite.
  • Recognize that everyone has a life outside work.
  • Show sensitivity and be accommodating.

Follow these guidelines for harmonious working relations with your staff:

  • Keeping an even tone in your voice helps everybody work efficiently. Correcting errors is best accomplished privately, politely, and precisely. Shouting at people — even people who deserve it — is rarely effective.
  • Try to give precise and clear instructions. Vague and ambiguous instructions are stressful for anyone who’s trying to fulfill them.
  • Whenever you bring in a new policy at work, discuss with them, take feedbacks and make corrections before you implement it.
  • Reward them instantaneously when they deserve it.
  • Share your success with them, give credit to everyone.
  • Refrain from giving false, unfulfilled promises.

It’s very important to be good with them, even when they have decided to leave the company. Give them proper farewell, circulate mails to the entire team admiring the contributions and wish them good luck. Keep in touch with them through mails, greetings or social media. After all, you need to keep in mind that long lasting relations are the most valuable asset that you gain from a business. This will greatly help in maintaining the relationship and in turn they will refer other people to the company or they may even choose returning back after some years.

– sgCareers Recruitment Advice